Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sesame Street 2nd Birthday

It was not hard to find a theme for Whitley's party. She loves Sesame Street and loves Elmo and friends. The hard part was narrowing down ideas and not gong to over board for a 2 year old party.

I didn't get as many pictures of some of the fun details from the party and we cleaned up too quick too. So I will share what I do have and if someone really loves what I have done let me know and I can help out.

Invites made, printed and handed out was the first thing done.  The background paper was from Shery K Design (link lower on the page).  I recreated the Whitley Street sign using the Sesame Street sign as a template.  The sweet picture was taken by Jessica you can find her info here.

To Welcome all the party goers. Our friend Carey cut the vinyl for the sign while we stayed with them for the weekend before the party. Prefect for Whitley and Sesame Street party.
Whitley Street Sign to welcome our guests.

Next games.
Color and decorate bags with Big Bird. When everyone got there we colored pictures with the number "2" and letter "W" of course. Then they got to decorate a white lunch sack to collect candy in later. We used the Sesame Street sign with each child's name on them, and characters cut out from Sesame Street wrapping paper.

We played Trash can toss with Oscar the Grouch. It was a plastic trash bin we had and bean bags. Most just went right up to it and put it in. It was really cute to see what they did.

Next we Fished from necklaces and Fairy Wands with Zoe. It was a hit cause they each got two turns even better right.  I hung an old shower curtain in a doorway.  The fishing pole was a dowel with string and a clothes pin on the other end.

Then we got their sacks they decorated earlier and went outside for Pinata with Abby.

Pull-string Sesame Street Pinata. With the characters and "w" &"2" decorations.
Yes I made this great Pinata with a little help from some great people that shared their instructions(I looked at a lot and can't remember all of them). It was a wipe box, wrapping paper from dollar store, ribbon and treats. All the kids got two turns again. One that they all came out and the second everyone did at the same time it opened up the big flap on bottom. It was much easier than a bat but they seems to like pulling on the ribbon.


It was so hot and windy so we went back inside for Where is Elmo's Nose. For the two year old we didn't blind fold them just let them stick on Elmo's nose back on. The older kids had to close their eyes and try.

Next was a great highlight the cake and ice cream.
Whitley didn't even blow out her candles and had help from everyone else. Oh well she didn't get it.


I had a friend make the cupcakes and they were Magenta, Teal and Yellow frosting and topped with fun cupcake picks. I forgot to get a picture of all the cupcakes together. It was really cute. I got the Elmo cupcake topper design from Shery K Designs. Since Whitley loves more than Elmo I found images of the others and added them in. They turned out really cute and the kids loved to pick out their favorite character too.
Sesame Street cupcake toppers.
This is Whitley opening a few presents on her actual birthday.

Opening presents at her party.

That was a wrap and then we sent everyone home with their goodies from the pinata and a little treat bag. I took these pictures after the party thus why there is only one left. Each favor bag had each child's name on it, Sesame Street stickers, sidewalk chalk, mini slinky, animal crackers and little Sesame street book. I forgot to add I had Goldfish crackers in the pinata to go with the theme.

I used the Sesame Street sign and made the toppers for the favor bags and pinata sacks. I had each child's name on them but only posted the Thank You one.
So thank you to all of Whitley's friends and family that were able to come and play with us. It was a great party and celebration for Whitley.

PS. I took the girls on a picnic lunch on her birthday to Von park. No playground but they still got to play and explore and have lunch at a park with no one around. They were singing and having fun after they ate lunch.

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  1. I'm trying to get the "thank you" tags template for my sons goodie bags, but I'm not having any luck. Where did you get yours? I really want to print them out with my sons name on them.