Monday, July 23, 2012

Build a Sand Castle at Home

I started off this summer with many high hopes and a long list on a Summer To-DO list.  Well the last week of May I broke my arm and many thing had to be put on hold.  Everything is fine now but we got a slow start on checking things off.  One I knew I wanted to do was BUILD A SAND CASTLE.  Well we hadn't gone to the beach yet or one with sand to play in so I had been thinking of a way around it.  We don't live close to a beach.

I finally had a light bulb moment when my girls and many neighbor girls were bored, hot and really wanting something to do.  Make your own beach! How you say?  I took our trap laid it in the garage, added a bag of play sand, water and all the sand toys.  It was so great.  They kids loved the wet sand and being in the shade.  I even got in there and help build a couple of sand castles but they got smashed before I could grab the camera.  Oh well it was the joy of having the kids busy and playing.  It was really good learning too about packing the sand in containers and making sure it is not to wet or to dry to mold.  In the end we had 8-10 kids all playing for about an hour.

So next time you really want to have a day at the beach playing in the sand but stuck at home do what we did and make your own. 


  1. Love the idea... if you can't go to the beach, just bring the beach to you *grin*
    ...hope your arm is doing much better now.

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