Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alphabet Sort Busy Bag

I will do more on my new little blog than busy bags but for now I am going to get at least a few more post in about these fun activities for kids.  I think I failed to tell you briefly what Busy bags are.  They are self contained activities for children to keep Busy with. Some are fun, others educational and hopefully fun too.  I first started to make them to use on a long road trip.  They are pretty compact and some more portable than others.  There are tons out there online but I want to share a few here.

Here is the Alphabet Sort Busy Bag

 I used small plastic condiment cups with lids, craft foam and foam letters (both from the dollar store).  Cut the craft foam in the colors of the letters to fit the bottom of the small cups.  Glue the foam to the bottom of each cup.  The alphabet letters I had came in 5 colors so I made five cups with the same color foam.  Next sorted the alphabet letters to make sure I had plenty of each color and had each of the 26 letters. Put it all together and let some color and letter learning fun begin. This fits nicely into a quart size zip top baggie.  There you have it.

 Lay out the letters in order.

Group them in colors

or Start with them in the cups. 
A lot of possibles with this fun Alphabet Sort Busy Bag

These letters are small so this one is for more preschool age kids than toddlers.  I will help my toddler with this one but not alone since the pieces are small.

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