Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here I Go

I have been inspired by many a great blog, even simple everyday blogs have inspired me to create, live, teach and grow.  For a couple years, I've tried to share my craft project on my personal blog.  Well that goes okay but I continue to want to share more and become better at sharing. Thus why I am now starting "Around a Mother's Knee."

Funny thing when I sit down in my craft room/office my 2 beautiful girls seem to want to be in the middle of things.  Some times I love the company.  Other times loath it. Yet other times I try to do my projects when they are not around.  Many a time I have found that I really enjoy them around my knees as I work.  I know I get more joy out of them helping when I focus on letting them help, learn and grow.  Just know these projects are less than prefect but wonderful all the same.

Growing up, I gravitated to my mother while she was in her sewing room.  Oh how I wish to go back and learn more from her.  So as I go forth I try to remember that children love to learn and grow Around a Mother's Knee.

Last is what I want to share with my journey on this blog.  It will be kids activities, home decoration projects, some kids cooking and mainly things I do for and with my girls.  I will try to share things I am hopefully teaching them Around a Mother's Knee.

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