Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plant the Color Flower Busy Bag

As I search this spring for ideas to keep two kids busy in a car for many hours I found this idea for Busy Bags.  This was a great idea and there was tons of ideas out there.  After more searching I hoped to do a swap with friends but that didn't work out so I started making some on my own for Miss M and Miss W.  I also knew that I would need two of many of the bags to keep from fighting over the favorite ones.  I got a good start from ideas all ready online and made some variations on others.

So today  I want to start sharing a few ideas and tips on getting started.

Gather ideas- I started a Pinterest board just for these ideas.
Next take into consideration age and level of child these will be for.
Inventoried supplies already onhand and made a shopping list of other supplies.
Get creative and put some together
Let the kids play and discover

Plant the Color Flower Busy Bag

This is my variation of a popsicle stick color match I saw here and here. This was a simple idea and I had everything I needed already.

 Supplies: Felt in multiple colors, popsicle sticks small or big, markers, glue gun(not pictured), optional is flower stamp and ink.  I got mine in a dollar bin at the craft store.

Once everything was gathered, I used a scrap piece of paper and a popsicle stick to make a templete of a flower pot shape.  This was not fancy but once I got a shape I liked and could fit the stick in I got ready to cut. Using two layers of felt I used my flower pot templete on top and cut all the colors out.  Next glue around the three sides leaving the top open to put in the stick.

On to the sticks.  This is what I did and you of coarse can just draw on a flower or just color the end too.  I used my flower stamp and stamped the image on both sides of the stick in all the different colors.  I then wrote out the names of the colors for an added bonus to learn down the road.  Put them together and put in a ziplock bag and finished.

Time to play for Miss W.

 Both her and her sister like taking the out and putting them back in.  Sometimes they even mix them out just to see if I notice. 
There you have it Plant the Color Flower Busy Bag.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it or have questions.  As I am new to blogging it will surely help me grow and learn.

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