Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disney Autograph Book After

Since I am still very new at this blog and what to add plenty of content.  All are new to here but many are ones I have done over the last year or so.  They are still very current.

Last summer our big trip was to Disneyland.  I knew my little 3 year old princess would love to see all the princesses and characters.  We were also on a very tight budget, like packing meals and limiting to only one bought toy at the very end.  I even brought dollar store glow sticks for the fireworks and World of color shows for the kids to play with.  So back to planning, I did a search for Autograph books and they were $15 plus.  I got my creative hat on and went searching my local craft stores and found a blank notebook for $1.50 and spent a couple more dollars on stickers and paper.  We got the supplies home, covered the cover and inside with scrapbook paper and decorated with things we already had.  I also used a sheet protector cut down and hot glues around the cover to protect it.

Before: Autograph Book to take

Maleah even put the Princess stickers on the pages.  Good note if you have your name and address and it is lost at Disneyland and turned in.  They will mail it back to you.  
 Then our trip to Disneyland was a great trip.  We meet and got every single princess while we were there.  A good note if you are planning the next step make sure they don't sign the front and back of the same page, you open up to the blank page for them.  Each on their own page.  Maleah just loved getting the Autographs more than the rides.

Once home we needed a way to put the photo's and autographs together so she could remember and look at them.  The notebook above had to many extra pages and Maleah just wanted to color on all the pages.  Also the pages wouldn't hold up with the weight of a photo on them.  Next step was to make her own Photo/Autograph Book.

After: Keepsake Autograph Book with Pictures
 I carefully cut out the pages from the notebook.  Printed out the pictures from each Princess and character.  Added a $1 photo album and a cute cover with scrapbook paper.  There you have it.

This Autograph book was inexpensive, nice and so very loved.  She loves looking through it and telling me every one's names and seeing herself with them.  The album has taken it's share of love and still looks good.  Hope on your next trip you might try and preserve the memories in a special way for them too.

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