Friday, July 27, 2012

Eclipse of the Sun

Back on May 20, 2012 was celestial event not to be missed. An eclipse of the sun. It was a Sunday evening so after church and just before it was going to start we made our pinhole box to be able to see it. We went on a treasure hunt to find all the supplies and luckily we did have everything we needed. Maleah and Whitley both help cut, paste and put everything together.

Here is Whitley with her play scissors.

To make it a little more exciting I did more than one hole and made it in the shape of a heart as you can see. This is only half way through.
Maleah using the second smaller box. She would look and run so quickly it was hard to get a good picture of her.
Mom and the girls. It was so fun to try and see throughout the whole eclipse.
Ready set look and see the eclipse and the girls with there boxes.

I was so cool to experience and it was so cool to see how dark it got at the peak of the eclipse.  

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